Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, July 06, 2007

Moving update

As far as we know, we are on schedule to close ont he new house on the 16th of this month. We are expecting to get occupancy on the 21st. The 22nd is moving day.

I was lent a bunch of moving boxes form a co-worker who moved from several states away. While a wonderful gift, many of the boxes are too big for the things I am trying to pack. I have obtained copy paper boxes from my office (I have three that need to go home today). I also went and purchased some file boxes. Stacks of boxes are starting to dot the various rooms.

It is amazing how fast the entire family reverted to our slobish ways. I no longer swiffert he bathrooom floor on a daily basis. We are forever leaving things sitting on the kitchen table, shoes are left everywhere and dishes are not being promptly put away. I enjoyed having a clean house, but I was driving myself nuts. (And taking the family along with me).

On a positive note, since the local Cable company has a Monopoly on the South West portion of Ohio, the same group of people manage the old community as well as the new community. So we will be able to pack up our equipment and set it back up at the new house. And even though the current owners have a sattilite dish for TV, they have cable internet. We have the Cable, Phone and High speed internet option. We will not have to change our email address (Yipee!), but we will get a new phone number (it is a different area code after all). I guess we call them a week ahead so that they can get everything set up and we should be able to plug and play, at least for the Internet and phone.

Hubby has managed to remove the swing set. (That was in the contract.) He did do some cleaning up in the garage. He still has a lot of packing to do of his workbench area. Sigh. The Craft stuff is definitely mine, but why am I the only one worried about cleaning and packing the bathroom, kitchen and file cabinet?

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