Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, July 20, 2007

My Childhood home

My Childhood home

We moved 3 times when I was in grade school. It is the middle house the floods me with memories. We lived in it for less than 2 years. But it was May when I was in First Grade when we moved there and it was December when I was in Third Grade when we moved to the next house.

This house is coming up even more in my memories because I am moving my family to within 5 miles of that house this weekend. My youngest son is the age I was when I lived in this house. It was a ranch with a basement – a walk out basement, through the garage. The Upstairs had 3 bedrooms, a bath a living room, kitchen, breakfast nook and a family room. Oh and a half bath. The basement had another kitchen in it. But the rest was unfinished. My brother and I would roller skate (the old metal over the shoes type that you needed a roller skate key for. The basement was a bit dark. There was a full bath down there. It really had one working light. Probably because My parents were not down there much. The Toilet was black and the tile was all different colors. Dad said the guy who built it was a tile layer and used leftovers for this bathroom.

The bedrooms had hardwood floors and there was a 2 sided fireplace between the living room and the family room. There was a large patio out back. It was at this house that my parents started throwing big parties. Well, with Mom’s 10 brother’s and sisters coming of age, and the fact that Mom was a nurse in the Emergency room working with people who needed to blow off steam, our house was a great spot for parties. This patio has a built in brick grill.

The back yard has a flat area, a hill and another flat area, almost like it had been terraced. I have heard stores of a mud- volleyball game at the top.

But then, the plant Dad worked at closed down and he got a new job back in the city 50 miles to the North. So we moved.

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SAH said...

A double sided fireplace? A built in brick grill - sounds FABULOUS!! Thanks for sharing!

Jenni said...

How crazy that you will be moving so close to your childhood home! Sounds like a fun place to grow up.

Rebekah said...

I love double sided fire places. that is kinda neat that you are moving so close. Thanks for sharing

Owlhaven said...

Thanks for sharing your memories!!