Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, July 13, 2007

Guilt, It does a Mom good

Yesterday I let my 12 Yo go to a movie that I usually would not let him go to. Although it would not bother his Dad at all. You see, His two buddies int he neighborhood were going to see "Live Free or Die Hard." It is rated PG-13. The three boys were being dropped off too. I like to carefully consider what I allow my kids to see. But Dad, he'll let them play Halo on the XBox. "Shudder".

But we are moving in a week. The boy will have to make new friends. I want to ease the burden as much as possible. Or rather I did not want it to start for a few more days becasue Mom would not give him money and permission to go see a movie. Rated PG-13 and aafter all, he is 12.

But I do remember, at a 4th of July party, my Aunt, a second Grade school teacher, saying that she saw the movie and she enjoyed it. I never pegged her for the action movie-sort. So I gave him $10 and sent him on his way.

He wants to go see HArry Potter tonight, but I know Dad wants to go see it also. (I still have not watched "The Goblet of Fire yet." And since the other boy is only 7, nowhere close to 13, he will not be seeing it until it coomes out on DVD and we bring home the DVD. Sigh!

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