Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Jan 15

Happy Thursday everyone,

are all 3 of you that tend to read this tired of hearing about my job whining? I too am tired of it too, but no resolution yet. The can keeps being kicked down the road, so to speak with small renewals of my current contract. I am working hard on seeing this as blessings.

So what did I accomplish this week?

- I said "yes" to being Rescue Mom yesterday. My kid texts that he forgot his binder of music for practice. He stayed after school for the practice that did not start until 6 PM. I took him out for some food when I arrived. Thankfully he had a ride home.

- After their move, my parents found they had a free-standing cabinet without a home, so I got it this weekend and moved many of my small kitchen appliances to it. I am slowing cleaning out a big cabinet that my Daughter-in-law said she would like for their new place. Decluttering!

-I also set up a new bedside table. Why did I feel I needed to keep all of this stuff? Papers and such have been collecting dust. So that was cleared, moved downstairs and there is now room next to my bed.

_ I had 2 days were I managed 10,000 steps on my fitbit zip. Another day I hit 8,000. It take a lot of effort as my deskjob and the small office does not afford my a lot of movement. I was walking the circle from my Kitchen to DR to LR and down the hall back to the kitchen. I even used the time to say the rosary.

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Jackie said...

Darn, I had hoped you would have heard something by now. Still sending positive thoughts your way.

God bless.