Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Small Success Thursday - New Year's edition

Happy Thursday - Time again to play with Catholic Mom and to document the small successes we had in the past week. As Women/Mom's it often seems like our days are "lather, rinse, repeat." and sometimes it is hard to see the forward progression. This meme helps us call out our steps forward.

I got my Christmas tree down. We won;t talk about how the bin is still in the family room. I am a terrible packer and Hubby has been under the weather. He has re-packed the box the past several years.

I changed the bed sheets the other night. Ok, I said Hubby was under the weather. He spent Tuesday in bed when he was not dealing with intestinal distressed. I came home, made him get up stripped off the sheets and put a fresh set on. (They are probably still sitting in the washer. I guess I need to re-wash.)

I hit the gym twice this week.

On a Celebratory note, my older son and Daughter-in-law had their August marriage convalidated in the Catholic Church this past weekend. They had considered a Church wedding, but since her parents were indifferent, it was a civil wedding, but they still pursued the issue on their own. We simply said we'd be very happy to have them married in the Church, even when it got a bit tough, they persevered.


Sherry said...

Those are great successes, hope your husband feels better soon!

Elizabeth Reardon said...

That's awesome news about your son and daughter-in-law's church wedding! In choosing this step it will mean all the more to them :)