Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Jan 29

Happy Thursday.
I keep hoping that because I am venting my job frustrations to my online friends that I am able to keep my real life focus on my family. But one day last week Hubby said "You seems to be having outbursts of anger? Is something bothering you?" While I maintained a calm voice, I did say 'Well Duh, my job..." He said "oh Yeah. But you have time..."

Countdown to unemployment is now at 4 weeks. Possibilities are coming into my inbox, but the ones that arrive seem to end up in a black hole of nothingness. What an exercise in patience and relying upon God this is for me. My Resume has been submitted for three jobs this week.

This weekend I did embellish some burp cloths for my cousin's baby shower coming up soon. Sitting at my sewing machine can be rather calming.

I decided to spend some free time reading up on a new technology. Since this is on my resume, a deeper dive into the parts I have less experience with would be good. I am also thinking about taking the certification test.

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Jaime said...

My prayers are with you. What a positive thing to do, delving into areas of technology you know less about while you have the chance. God bless.

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

You can count on some prayers to St. Joseph that you find the best job for you--and quickly!