Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another list of tasks:

Today is Hubby's last day at his employers. His new job starts Monday.

[Rant mode on] This new job of Hubby's has office hours 7 -4:30 M-Th and 4 hours on Friday. The boys catch the school bus at 7:05. So Mom is going to have to shift her schedule. Yuck! Can I say that I am a tru-blue morning person? I like being one of the first ones in the office. I'll be lucky if I I make it to the office by 8:45. Then I tend to run out of steam about 3:30. Since I won't be levaing the office until 5:30 or so, I will most likely miss most of my boy's baseball games. But better me than coach Dad!

On the upside, I will be able to reinstate a workout routine. If I keep getting up at my current 4:45. I can be at the gym at 5:00 am. I'll reach home just a Hubby is close to walking out the door. I'll be able to grab a quick shower and then roll the boys out of bed. My waist line sure could use the exercise. I stopped exercising about November when I started carpooling and fortunately I did not gain weight as I feared. [Rant mode off]

Tomorrow I am taking a vacation day. I have a call in to make a visit to one school and when they call me back with a time, I will schedule a second candidate school. I suppose we'll do some more driving around looking at neighborhoods.

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