Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Organizational Challenge

Laura over at I'm an Organization Junkie is conducting a Spring 30 Day Organizational Challenge. I particpiated in her Fall challenge and felt like I fell flat on my face. I was unable to accomplish my goal. My before pictures are posted here. (Ed: I fixed the link) But I finally accomplished my goal which was to clean up my craft area. I developed an accute case of TMS (Too Much stuff). I knew I should get rid of some stuff that I no longer have a great need for, yet when my 11 Yo had to build a model of a virus, I dug enough materials to create one. (Glass Christmas ornament, Pipe cleaners, raffia...) I like to be able to grab a couple of googlie eyes and doll hair.

However, I don't scrapbook with 12x12 paper anymore. But that can be cut down as necessary. So what to get rid of. Well I had duplicates of craft paints. I don't do much painting anymore. So why keep paints that don't fit into my nifty paint holders. So out went the extra paint bottles. Out went scraps of paper. I am using large scraps of my fabric stash to protect breakables in moving boxes. But here are my after pictures. Wouldn't you love to have this great craft area. It is right next to my laundry area.


org junkie said...

You did it and it looks fantastic!!! I love your space and how you made it work for you and of course I love all the container drawers! I think I should change my name to I'm a Container!

Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Hey Maggie, it all looks great ! I would kill for a craft room, perhaps once a few children leave home.......hope the move preparations are goign well, Happy Easter week !

Rinty from FL