Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Morning Routine with an ADHD-er

This is a new routine for us. Dad started his new job this week and needs to be at work by 7:00 AM and he has to drive 30 miles. That used to be my territory. So My alarm still goes off at 4:45 and I have been going to the gym. Dad gets up at 5:30 showers and eats breakfast. At 6 Am he wakes the boys and ensures that the ADHD pre-teen gets his patch on. Then he’s out the door. I get out of the shower. The 7YO is often dressed and bugging his brother who may or may not be in a state of undress. So I remind him to get dressed.


Both boys make it out to the kitchen form breakfast.

Mom: “Who wants an egg?”

11 YO:” Me want cereal” Mom cringes. Why cereal? I believe he does so much better with more protein. I’m going to not buy cereal next week.


7 YO: “I want a bacon egg and cheese on a bagel, but only half a slice of cheese today.” (Tomorrow, I am going to have him cook the eggs. Train ‘em young!)



7 YO “Stop it”


Mom: “B, please stop”


Mom: “B- Please Stop”


Mom: “I said Please stop”


Mom: (screaming) Would you stop that?



Mom: B, what are you doing? Come out here and clean up from your breakfast.

Mom: A, go brush your teeth


Mom:"B, come out here”

And so on…


6:55 rolls around. The 7 YO goes out to wait for the bus. Where is the 11 YO? Still in his room.  This week he has safety patrol so I am driving him.


Mom: “B, lets go!”

He comes out putting on his belt, no shoes, still has to get his drum kit (band today). Mom is in tears. With now leaving an hour and a half later, the traffic is awful. I need to figure out how to deal with this. Maybe I’m doing too much in the morning trying to get dinner partially fixed, fixing my lunch, getting on the computer…  

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