Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Anybody seen my keys?

First of all, Happy 12th Birthday to my son B. Wow he's getting big and independent.

I was getting ready and the 7 YO was eating breakfast. The new 12 YO was not yet up. I went to grab my keys to go out to my car and get a gift, wrap it and leave it sitting out to torture him all day. Where are my keys. -- First of all, we have a cute little rack of hooks just for keys inside out back door. I am not always the greatest about putting my keys there. I blame the ADD. - If my keys are not on the key holder, then they are usually on the table, the dishwasher or the counter by the phone. or in my pocket. Not on the hook. Not on the table. Not on the dishwasher. Not on the counter. Not in the pocket of my raincoat. Not int he pocket of the blazer I wore yesterday.

Ok think. I stopped at Friendly's and got an Ice cream cake for the birthday boy. I remember walking in balancing my purse, lunchbag, tote bag and the cake and pressing the lock button on my car's remote. Did I leave them by the freezer? Not on the dryer. Not on the ironing board. I start pulling boxes out of the freezer. No frozen keys.

I checked my bedroom. I have removed most flat surfaces from the Living room to have put them down on. No Keys!

However, when the 7 yo got up, he said "Look what I found, Dad's Cell phone in my bed." Huh Ok like CSI the flashback is that Dad went into his room to give him a hug and kiss, the phone was in his shirt pocket and it slipped out when he bent over." ( And dang am I good).

What time is it? almost 7 AM. Is Hubby at his office, (because he won't get the call on his cell)? Did he pick up 2 sets of keys? I call, Oh no! Voice Mail. I leave a message and continue the search.

Phone rings 2 minutes later. Caller ID says unavailable. This is how his phone calls form Hubby's offcie show up. "I have your keys. We need to find another system so I don't grab your keys off the hook." And of course he asks if I have to go to work today. He has a pressing assignment. I have a meeting at 3:30.

By the time he finished his pressing work and drove the 30 miles home, he handed me my keys with a sheeping "I'm sorry. I left my keys in my pocket and rushed out of the house and grabbed yours off the hook. "

And I am the ADHD one. The process is not broke, just the follow through.

Now I need to find something big and pink to attache to my key ring so that it is significatnly different than his.

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