Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's all in the name...

So my oldest turned 12 last week. He has a nice strong male name. His first name is my father's, his middle name is Hubby's fathers (Along with Hubby's middle name, along with our 7 YO's Middle name). But the point of this is his first name. We can him by a common nickname, I believe they call it the diminutive. (You know, where you add a Y, like Jimmy, Billy, Tommy, Bobby). But since his birthday, I have been dropping the Y (Jim, Bill, Tom, Bob). It's like in my mind, he tunrned 12 and it is time his name sound more grown up.

I am anxious to see who he will decide to be when he goes to a new school next Fall.

Of course, I completely change my name when I went to High School. I am Margaret, after my Grandmother, but growing up, my nickname was Missy. I was proud of my "real" name and wanted a nick name to reflect that.


Age is All in the Mind said...

When I went to school, I think we all had nicknames within the first 3 months. So much so that I find it difficult some 40 years later to remember the real names of most of my school mates that I have losttouch with .... but I can remmber all of their nicknames

Pieces said...

Hi Maggie, thanks for your comment over at my place. My son doesn't have nickname but a close friend's son was always called Matty. When he hit 12 is was suddenly Matt. It just felt right to call him by a more grown-up name. I agree that it will be interesting to see what your son goes by at his new school next year.