Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, April 02, 2007

House work update

So this Sunday was anotehr work day. My wonerful SIL had told me that she'd be happy to help us with painting. Well, Sunday was painting day. I dropped E an email stating that Sunday was painting day and she would like to join us that we would welcome her help. Well, with her coming, that was enough to kick us into gear with preparations. So we were taping B's bedroom when she arrived. She started painting that room. I painted the Bathroom. When I was done, I started taping A's bedroom. Meanwhile Hubby is working ont he upper kitchen cabinet doors. At the post-Church trip to the Big Box Home Improvement store (the blue one this time, we had been giving a lot of money to the Orange one but Hubby felt like he needed to share his welath LOL!) we acquired paint, more brushes, another drop cloth as well as hinges and closet doors.

Tonight we need to put the rooms back together - I got the bath most of the way this AM. Hubby needs to put up the towel rack. Hubby will mow the lawn and get the doors back up.

We are both off Friday. We are having Easter for about 30 people at our house, but I would like to see new tiles ont he kitchen floor, moulding under the base cabinets. Possibly the lower cabinets repainted.

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