Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Where did St. Joseph go to?

My Father in law spent years lovingly caring for his mother when she developed Alzheimer's disease. Grandma passed away in March 2006. So Dad has had her house on the market. I was lucky enough to lister to her tell sotries of moving into it. At the time it was way out in the boonies (now it is a bustling neighborhood in the NW side of Chicago - within the city limits). Her Mother in law insisted they get a 2 flat for the income. She talked about how she and grandpa redid the whole house. How she had to shovel coal to warm the house in the mornings. How she raised 5 boys and her mother lived with them. Grandma really wanted a bungalow.

Dad has had this house on the market since about last August. Being the devout Catholic he is, he got a statue of St. Joseph and buried it in the backyard (upside down) so that St. Joseph would interceded on his behalf and assist in getting the house sold.

Part of the process of burying St. Joseph is that once the house is sold, you dig St. Joe back up and you give his statue a prominent place in your new home. Well, there is a contract on the house. Dad will move by the end of the month. He has not found the statue of St. Joseph yet. He's dug in the area he buried it, but no St. Joe. He has asked St. Joseph in prayer where he is hiding. He has asked St. Anthony to provide some asistance. So I'll add my voice. Let's ask St. Jude to join the party too. If you Gentleman would intercede on behalf of my Father in law to find St. Joseph. He's a good man. But thanks for letting me tease Dad a bit about losing St. Joseph. LOL! And I'd appreciate help in convincing Dad that close to us would be a great place for him to retire to.

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annie said...

Oh, I hope your dad finds St. Joseph! My dad is trying to sell a house too, I may suggest this to him :).