Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, April 27, 2007

Selling a House - ADHD style

So two of the members of our household have been officially diagnosed as ADHD. At least one other member could be ADD (No Hyper). The 7 YO does not seem to have these types of difficulties. For the most part we are all "out of site, out of mind" people. We are pilers.

All of this is a great disadvantage when trying to sell a house. All of the the information about staging a house says
  • get rid of clutter
  • clear off the counters so people can see how much space there is.
  • Remove excess furniture (but where to we put stuff)
  • Keep everything cleaned up.

Boy is this hard. Fortunately I was raised by a Mom who might be a tad OCD about clean houses and stuff out of site. So I can do it. I know what to look for. But when Hubby rolls his eyes at me when I told him I took his Pajamas off the hook in the batheroom and put them under his pillow. He does not see what difference putting the pajamas out of site makes.

Or drying the stainless steel sink, or hiding the change he pulls out of his pockets everynight. ..

Since today is Friday and Hubby only has to work a half a day. He sleeps in uh, allows me to start work at 7 AM. I am worried he did not make sure the kitchen towels were placed on the holder in the cabinets, the table was wiped off from breakfast and the toothpaste was rinsed out of the bathroom sink - wait, he often forgets to make the boys brush their teeth in the morning...

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