Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Painting a staircase

So I spent another weekend working on the house. It was a long weekend too since I took off Friday. Hubby got new tiles put on the kitchen floor. I got a lot of cleaning done. My parents came in and my Mom scrubbed the bathroom in the basement.

We had a nice relaxing Easter Sunday, even though the 7 YO was not feeling well. But I took off Monday to stay home with the sick boy. So it was time to paint the staircase going into the basement. Our house is 50 years old. There were 3 layers of pain on the stairs, (Gray, brown and green). We had gone to the paint store and got a gallon of primer and a gallon of paint - both Latex. So how to go about this. My dad siad to paint the sides and trim of each step going down, leaving just and area to step on and then go back up the steps and reash down with a roller and get the rest of the step. Miss Gracefull here would have gone tumbling donw the steps. So I remembered a trick I had read somewhere, Paint every other step. I primed it all at once becasue the can said it should dry in 1 hour. But the top coat they wanted you to wait 16 hours. So one coat went on Monday, a second coat went on last night. Tonight I plan to put the first coat on the opposite tread and a second coat tomorrow.

Friday I am going to caulk. Hubby won't let me paint the kitchen cabinets, or drill holes for the door knob on the kitchen cabinets and I don't want to install the last set of closet doors in our bedroom. However, since he has not had the time to do much since Saturday, I may create access panels to cover the holes int he basement (drywall) ceiling. Dad suggested using 1/4 inch plywood. Hubby is worried about it being too heavy. Aha, another idea. I got 3 sheets of foam core board from Hobby lobby. I can use 2 drywall screws to attach it to the ceiling, we don't ahve to worry about studs and we will paint it witht he same paint we used on the ceiling.

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