Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, August 03, 2007

A boy and his arm

The boy's surgery went well. Were got home at 2:00 PM. He puked at 4:00 PM, but has been eating ever since. he just asked for Orange juice. I offered 7-UP. He got some water.

He cannot understand why I won't let him go find his friend next door or let him invite the friend over.

I have been away from work 8-1/2 days out of the last 10 business days. My blackberry has gotten quite a workout. While I have the sick and vaction time, i feel like I do need to show my face in the office for at least half days next week. The Doctor was unsure about sending the injured boy back to Daycamp, but I am going to call them to see if they have accomodations for a boy who cannot swim. If on friday their field trip involves water (today's was a trip to the local waterpark) I can keep him home.

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