Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Moving is expensive...

I try to be very conscienous about the way I spend my hard earned money. But here it is, the middle of the month, and I have about $200 to make it to payday at the end of the month. That money is for my gas, household groceries and my spending money.

The 7yo threw a fit this morning asking why I could not take him to McD's for breakfast. Heck, I'd rather spring for ice cream. But before we moved, we would indulge in a once a week trip via the drive through. Of course we are not traveling 45 minutes to the YMCA for day camp any more. Not it's more like 17 minutes.

What have I spent my money on? Organizing "stuff" bins, baskets and the like. We also went gained an extra bath that needed a shower curtain, rug, soap dish. Both bath tups are slippery, so they needed bath mats. They there is the food. We cleaned out the freezer and the pantry. Those need to be stocked back up with sales goods.

I had to buy a wireless network card for the computer int he basement. The router went on the first floor and we were not about to pull a cable.

Now it's back to school time. Uniforms, the 12 YO requires a gym uniform. School supplies. I may need to get Hubby to pay for the first week of school lunches.

Then there is the school tuition. I have requested a disbursement of funds from the education fund, but they have not arrived. I sure hope it arrives beforme the next payment is due the first of next month.

I still want to build shelves in the basement. Shelves to store holiday decorations, my craft and sewing supplies, and all that other stuff we tend to keep in the basement.

Now I am about to count my pennies to go get a cup of coffee.

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