Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Things are better...

So there are things that money can buy: a car repair for one. So sort of Idle-air intake valve went bad. So it is fixed and my car runs again. Hubby made a comment "So maybe that was the reason for your complaint that your car was not "running right" that I ignored. (Gotta love a man who admits his mistakes like that. Yes, earlier in the summer I complained that the engine was "rev-ing" far too long after I removed my foot-to-the-floor posture I was using on my trek up and down I-75 for far too many miles (Before the move).

I have not sent the 7yo back to Daycamp this week. He gets stronger everyday and he's starting to get fiesty. But it has been so danged hot here in SW Ohio and with him not being able to swim, I imaginged that daycamp would be tourture. So I have left the 12YO brother in charge. I did relent and allow them to go to the neighbors to play yesterday. They both went. I'm sure the 12Yo was packing an XBOX controller so he could play with the younger boys. Yesterday after coming home, the 7yo complained that he and his brother were "yelling at each other a lot."

A little while later, the 7yo Drama King came back. During the whole ordeal of the broken arm and surgery, Drama King stayed home. It was amazing. But last night I was awarded a tearful performance of the old play "Everybody at Daycamp is mean to me." I'm not sure what brings this up, but it seems to happen ever 3 months or so. He does nto like what he is doing and wants to change. We look into it and he is making a mountain out of a molehill. He only has 2 more weeks of daycamp. He has loved it so far and this is the first complaint. I did assure him that he most likely would not be in that program next year.

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Glad things are better.