Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oh Happy days!

School has started and boy can I see a difference int he attitude of the 12 YO. He is happy. He says school is going well and he has made friends. I feel bad for having him change schools when he was int he last one since Kindergarten. The new school is also K-12. However, he is a bit of a geeky kid and earned such a reputation. I'm sure the kids remember how he acted the day in second grade when we changed to an ineffective ADHD medication or the time he....

We told him this was an opportunity to be a new person. His new classmates have no memories of him. Yesterday I called to get him into the advanced band at school.

He is popping out of bed and getting dressed without being reminded. A gentile reminder to brish his teeth or clean up from his breakfast are a nice respite from the nagging I was doing at the end of last year.

On the other hand, there is the 7 YO. He's having trouble getting up. However I think he's pretty happy. He likes his teacher and has friends at school.

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