Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What is it about my boys and getting close to turning 8?

My Now 12 Yo. He was climbing over a fence and fell and broke his arm. This is his First Communion picture. He had to have surgery to pin the bones back in place. This was within weeks of his 8th Birthday.

This is my 7 Yo. His birthday is in 7 weeks. He fell of the Monkeybars and broke his elbow. He is scheduled for surgery on Friday to pin his bones together.

I had to call Hubby after the daycare called. I was on the other side of campus. We were going to take him to a close hospital, but when he got to the Y, he said it looked so much like the older boy's that he decided to swing by home and pick me up and go back down to the local Children's hospital rather than getting sent there from the other hospital.

Actually, the boy we have dubbed our "Drama king" was quite stoic. He kept saying it did not hurt that much. But knowing him and how he looked, he was in some pain. The nurse said that his vitals were telling her that he had some pain. His respirations and heartrate came down after he was given some pain meds. He did not flinch when they put an IV in his hand.

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