Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Small world

The new school the boys are going to has a program where they have an experienced Mom in the school contact a new Mom. The "Buddy" can then answer questions about the school, the PTO, etc. Great idea. I got a call from min Sunday night. She has a 7th grade boy. We arranged to my for ice cram Monday night and she brought 2 of her son's friends. They will all be in the same homeroom as my 12YO.

Turns out my buddy (S.) and I have a lot in common. She grerw up in my hometown, 50 mile North of here. She graduated from the High School that is the rival to my Alma Mater. She had heard of my Uncle (one of the 17 Aunts, Uncles and Cousin's who have graduated from that school) She works outside the home as a programmer/Project Manager. Where as I manage email servers and email adminstrators. We talked about how she is studying for her PMP Certification which I got 2 years ago. We could not have been more compatible.

Oh yes, she is co-chair for the Market Day program. Something I did for 2 years at the old school. (Before I became insane and was the Director of the Wrestling club for 2 years).

I would be thrill if this developed into a friendship.

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