Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Drama king strikes again..

Last night at bed time, the 7 yo comes out to Dad in tears saying he does not know what bus to ride. He is quite distraught. I'm so confused and ask the 11 yo for the bus number so i could write it down. It turns out that is not an easy question to answer.

Since they attend a private school, the school district bus system picks them up and takes them to the Middle school where they transfer to another bus to go to their school. Apparently there are two buses at the shuttle site the transport the kids to St. C's. They divided the kids up by age. This meant the 11 YO and the 7 yo were assigned different buses. But at the beginning of the year, Hubby called the bus department and asked that both boys ride the same bus. So they were assigned the bus for the younger kids. Turns out our stubborn 7 YO does not like riding the bus with the younger children and had been getting on the other bus. The 11 Yo has been on safety patrol this week and Dad has been dropping him off at achool. The 7 YO has been riding the bus so he does not arrive at school 45 minutes early. Yesterday the bus driver looked at his roster, saw the A. was not assigned to his bus and made him get on the other bus. A. got lippy and belligerent and was reprimanded for being disagreeable. So he made a big scene last night.

Hubby was able to piece the story together this morning after he called the transportation office and go the entire story. He asked the department to feel free to let us know when they have problems with our boys.

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