Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

But Mom, I just wanted to tell you....

I was so happy when the bus stopped to load my boys this morning. Fall weather finally arrived and they had to trade their Unifrom shorts for Uniform pants. I've asked many times if their pants were OK. Sure, fine, great. The 8yo has decided that he cannot handle buttons on his pants. He prefers hooks. (The French toast brand has hooks). I explained that I would get him new pants but he had to wear one of hte two pair he already had in his room todaya nd make do.

The problem was he continuously tried to explain what the problem was. I got it! This is an issue we are having with him. He feels the need to get in the last word. He wants to explain everything 14 times. And he comes off as arguing. He just won't drop it when we acknowledge his issue/thought/emotion. How maddening. So my voice gets raised and he tells me I am scaring him. Sigh. He's a good actor.

Then the ADHD 12yo was unable to keep from singing/squealing/making all kinds of weird noises. That did not help my patience any.

Then... The 8 Yo had to run back in to get a sweatchirt, after I reminded him no less than 6 times that he would need one.

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