Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Update on the boys

Yesterday they brought home papers for conference sign-ups. The 8 YO's teacher included his grades for 4 subjects. He's in the 90's in all subjects. But we wills till go in and talk to the teacher. He has some minor behavior issues.

Now the ADHD 12 YO, on the other had, has 4 teachers. So which one do I meet with. So I asked to see his plan book. Which subject has he had the most missing assignments. Ah ha, Language Arts. Actually I asked to see the LA teacher as well as him homeroom teacher (she teaches Math).

When he handed me his plan book, I was pleasantly surprised to have him hand me a binder with his plan book in it. He also had gathered folders that fit into the binder and they were labeled with each subject name. Now this was leftovers form a couple of years ago. But I was delighted becasue it said to me that he recognized that he was haivng a problem with the flow of homework between school and home. He decided to do something about it. I guess Dad telling him that he lost TV/Internet/Video game privledges for three weeks as long as he did not bring hoe another missing assignment made an impact. We are anxious for him to get intot he mode of not procrastinating on his homework because when wrestling practices 4 or 5 days a week begin next month, he will need to do his homework when he can.

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