Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Parent-teacher Conferences

Hi Everyone,

We had parent teacher conferences this week. They went very well. DS8 is doing wonderfully academically, we just need to sort out his social issues. I'm hoping that once he gets back into an organized sport that that might help with his energy level and the pent-up anger his teacher is observing. The school psychologist is working with him.

We spoke to 3 of the 5 teachers that have Ds12. He is doing pretty good. There are some behaviors he should change. Apparently he is more advanced in math than his new classmates. So he sometimes reads a novel in math class. His history teacher commented about hsi poor handwriting and suggested that he type as much of his homework as he can and take his time when he cannot type.

Overall, we were quite happy.

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