Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sigh.. More organizational woes

One of the things about my 11 YO is that he is chronically unorganized. A lot of it is his ADHD. This is my child who has been know to complete a homework assignment, but is unable to find ti to turn it in. Then he gets a missing assignment slip that needs to be signed by a parent. It get's home and signed, but not turned back in. So a second MA is issued. He goes to school the next day and asked to produce all three papers and pulls the latest (unsigned) MA out of his pocket.

One of the things I did in an attempt to assist him, is to work with his "out of sight, out of mind" sensibilities. We removed conventional dressers from his room and got a could of California Closet organizers from Target that have shelves. The bottom shelves slide out. I got a couple of baskets for his underwear and socks. So we have a good system in place.

Yesterday morning I hear "A., can I borrow one of your school uniform shirts? I can't find mine." I go into his room and find 3 white polo shirts rolled into a ball and crammed on the shelf next to his sock basket.

Anyone have an idea on how to help him follow the system?

One more note. I took him last night to buy a pair of shoes. He wanted to go to the specialty shoe store. Well, It had been awhile since I had an "expert" fit his shoes. He's in the wierd range, a 7 , almost out of kids sizes, but not quite into Mens. It cost my $80. Oh My! Next time it is back to Kohls.

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Anonymous said...

I love Kohls for shoes... they have the greatest sales and really nice shoes. I have been getting really cool brand name shoes for all the kids at Wal Mart prices, when I wait for sales.

I have a nine year old with similar organizational woes... at first he was hiding math homework in his room and not doing it at all, until I found it all and he had to spend 3 hours getting it done one night!! Now I watch him complete it every night and put it in his homework folder, but I still find it crumpled in the bottom of his backpack, not turned in the next day. We "don't know" how it leaves the folder and moves to the bottom of the backpack, but doesn't make it to the teacher's homework basket. Ah well, I remember that I was a totally disorganized disaster till about eighth grade, when something finally clicked in my adolescent brain. I hope it's sooner than that for our sons, though!! :-)