Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, January 22, 2007

Sunday's wrestling meet.

We had our first snow fall here in SW Ohio yesterday. I was signing in for my spot as a Eucharistic ministrer at church When my phone rang. Now, Hubby and I run the Wrestling team the boys are on. This means that for the meets (always on Sundays), Hubby has to arrive by 10:00 am (at the latest) for setting up the tournament brackets. We usually tag along so we do not have to drive 2 cars. But back to my phone call, a parent who decided not to brave the weather. Out of the 36 kids we expected to take, we ended up having 25 in the tournament.

But our 11 YO did not go. He was fighting a cold. Saturday he was asking for medicine. This is my stoic child. When he complains about not feeling well, he's ready to collapse. So we let him stay home. We call Grammy to let her know he was home alone and ask her to call him and check up on him. After the meet when we called, he did not want to go out to dinner. Hum. But when we got home, he had shoved the drive way, cleaned up and organizied (?!) the XBOX games. (We say he cannot organize his way out of a paper bag). Of course, he had not gotten tot he one chore I asked him to complete - emptying the dishwasher.

For the record, the 7 YO won all three of his matches and took home a first place ribbon. I got to learn how to keep score.

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