Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, January 12, 2007

Take Down Jesus!?

My boy wrestling with the youth wrestling club of a local Catholic High School.

(I have such a complicated relationship with this high school. It is not the one I went to. However, I have 17 Aunts, Uncles and Cousins who attended this school. And Since my Uncle is 2 years older than I and I was the first (from that side of the family) to go to the school with the ugly colors, I was teased unmercifully. So I have a lot of emotional issues, yet here I am, spending lots of time at this school an cringing when I wear it's colors for my boys' sake)

The addition with the wrestling room is three years old. At our Wrestling club board meeteing Tuesday it was announced that there is now a Crucifix hung in the room as well as the "takedown Jesus" not to be confused with Notre Dame's "Touchdown Jesus." At first I was worried that the poster was hung on the ceiling so that the unfortuanate soul who got taken down could look up and beg for mercy.

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