Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rainy Tuesday Morning

  • I was crossing the street this AM, at the crosswalk, with the walk sign. It's dark and rainy. Some lady still has to make her left turn. Right in front of me. If I had not stopped, she'd have hit me. Yuck.
  • DS11 is doing a project for All Saint's Day - He has to create a Movie poster on the theoretical movie of the Saint's life. He still needs a picture. He's procrastinating on it.
  • Hubby's birthday is comming up soon. I gave my best idea to my Mother In Law. Now I have to come up with something else. He likes the bold colors of a button down chirt he saw by Tommy Hilfiger. The problem is he needs a Large-Tall because his arms are so long. They don't make all that many cool clothes in Tall. It frustrates him (and therefore me too!)
  • In Email from Hubby: A. (7 YO) decided he was going to go to the bathroom by sonar this morning and forgot what water on water sounded like. I made him clean it might be good for him to wash the floor around the toilet as further punishment. Because when I asked him why he pee'd on the floor he said ... "It's too hard" in the morning to make it go in. Ok, I'll make it a point to help him determine what's harder, making the toilet or cleaning the bathroom later.
  • The 11 YO recently asked if he could have his own email account. I decided to create him one under our High Speed internet provider (Beep,Beep). But since I created it, I also created the password. So I can keep an eye on it. But maybe if Grandparents write to him it will be experience writing back...

Have a great day!

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