Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, October 06, 2006

Lordy, Lord, Maggie's 40

Yes, today is my birthday. My fortieth. Wow, that has connotations of being middle aged, like I should slow down. I certainly don't feel that way. I guess it helps that my kids are young. I feel like I am max, 32. A lot has to do with where I am in my life at this point.

I am very satisfied. I has 2 good kids. They are not perfect, but they are both smart, funny and independent. They are capable ofdoing great things with their lives. It does take an effort to keep the ADHD 11 YO doing his homework everynight, but so far so good for 6th grade.

I have a husband who adores me and supports me no matter what. He takes on child care duty and lot of household task with gusto (bathroom cleaning not withstanding). This is critical in a dual-career marriage. It is because of him that I can be a decent Mom as well as a good employee\supervisior.

Lastly, I have a job I'm very happy with. I could not say that last year. Well, at this time I had left that consulting engagement and was looking forward to a new project with my company. But I had been with the same client for 6 years. I was facing classic burnout. I had responsibility without authority. I thank the Lord that He got me out of there and into my "dream job". I'm now at the level I want to be and doing the kind of work I love. I get to bridge the gap between techies and management. While the politics can be ridiculous, I am able to deal with it. Since I am working at the same place I went to college, I can relive some of those years which I look back on quite fondly. I can go for a walk on my lunch hour and remember back 20 years ago and that certainly contributes to my feeling young.

Thank You Lord for the wonder life I am enjoying. May it give me the fortitude to face the next challege that comes along with grace, dignity and patience.

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