Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Taking walking for granted

I woke up this morning and climbed out of bed to go do my morning workout. I went into the bathroom and all of a sudden I had this pain in my leg, just below my knee that my leg buckled. I hate the idea of not being able to walk far. I enjoy walking, I enjoy moving about. I’m not very good about sitting still. I have had major problems with my feet where walking was painful. Plantar Fasciitis, bone spurs, etc.  It makes me miserable. It scares me.


But nope, about 3 hours later, It is feeling better. Maybe I won’t have to go to Urgent care. You’d think that working on a campus with a hospital with a medical school and a few hospitals that there would be some sort of Urgent care or walk-in clinic nearby, but nope. Hopefully it was just some sort of fluke and it will keep going away.  

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Mauibabe said...

After spending 3 months on crutches after breaking my ankle in 6 places I will never take walking for granted again! Its now 5 months and I am still limping along. Who knows when I will be back to my daily 4mph walks on my treadmill.