Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Resource: Women in Technology

I am a member of an email discussion group, Women In Technology or World WIT . They have a bunch of different groups based on Geographical area, however one person can join different email lists. The groups are moderated to keep out the snarky and the spammers. But people post everything from "Hey, I'm looking for a vehicle and what do you think of this one...?" Or "I need advice on xxx".

Anyways, my point, in addition to publicizing this cool organization is to describe a post I answered a couple of weeks ago. An wuthor posted that she was looking for Mom's or cooking blogs that would be willing to read her book and write a review. So I responded that I was a Mom and I had a blog. My book arrived in the mail today. So I will read it tonight. The title is: _The Frantic Woman's Guide to Feeding Family and Friends_ by Mary Jo Rulnick.

So I'm off to start reading, after I work with the 6th grader on finishing his homework.

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