Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bad Boys

Last night we went to see my cousin's new house - It's their first. It is the same plan as one another Aunt and Uncle owned for years. But anyways, Hubby is going to install AC for them. He wnated to get measurements so he could order the equipment for installation a week from Saturday. Of course we dragged the 6 YO with us and the 11 YO was given his choice, but hubby convinced him to come by broadly hinting that we would stop and get a treat (ice cream) while we were out.

So we pull into the driveway and I remember to tell that I expected good behavior out of them: quiet voice, no running around, politness, etc. It did not work this time. They had a contest of "Let's see how much I can bug my brother." They both fully participated. DH still stopped for ice cream ont he way home. The boys were only allowed to get one scoop- no sundaes. I did, however let them know I was embarrassed and when we got home they went to their rooms for the night even though it was only 7:50.

Usually when I give them remiders of the expected behavior, they comply. I don't know what the deal was. Probably since they had been home with each other all day, they were in bickering mode and unable to get out of it. Especially the ADHD 11 YO.

It' starting to worry me about the 6 YO. He does not have an focus issues, but he is a bit impusive. Well, maybe not impuslive, I think he's very deliberate, but he is missing the "These are the consequences of this action" switch. Maybe the consequences need to become more memorable.

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