Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, July 10, 2006

My Job

I thought I'd write a paragraph or two about my job. I keep talking about how I have a 50 mile on-way commute. Why do I do this? Why don't I get a job closer to home? The answer starts out with knowing that I live in SW Ohio in a mid-sized city. There is a large city 50 miles south. The mid-sized city is going through some transitions with military and auto industry cutbacks.

My new job is with a state university. My Alma Mater. I get state retirement benenfits, another benefit is tuition remission for my dependants. My boys are already primed that they will go there for college. It helps that their beloved Grandfather, Uncles and Mom went here. I am a manager in the IT department. I job hunted for several months. There were not a whole lot of jobs in my city. Jobs, other than consulting jobs that would have me on the road a lot, were either in the city to the North, about 70 miles away or this city South. DH has a good engineering job in our home city, but he is essentially beginning his career and not sure if he will stay with his employer for eternity. So moving further South seems like the best solutions.

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