Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Works for me Wednesday

It's that time again. Be sure to check out Shannon's site for more great ideas.

I am showcasing a product today. It helps me with my 50 mile one way commute. If you want to know why I subject myself to this everyday, here is why.

But anyways, I have a wireless (Bluetooth) speaker phone for my car. It is a Motorola HF820. It clips to my visor. I only need to charge it every couple of weeks since I only get phone call a couple of times a week from Hubby.

I get in with my phone in my pocket or my pruse. I turn on the device and listen for the squelch that indicates that it is connected with the phone. When I do get a call, I do not have to dig form my phone while barreling up Interstate I75 at 65 (?!) MPH. When I get out of my car and the phone gets too far for a connection, the device turns its self off.

Works for me!


Carol said...

Man! All this technology. I still haven't gotten used to the idea of talking on the phone in the car.

Okay, I'm slow.

udandi said...

Too funny, Maggie!
I hear you on the upscale Milanos - the shock my college roommates and I had when we saw it the first time!

Maybe you can take us on a tour of Dayton with some food-inspired posts?!

Mama Duck said...

Nice phone!

Heth said...

Way to keep the roads safe! Great investment if you ask me.

Katrina said...

Very cool!

Overwhelmed! said...

Nice! How much does it cost?

I've posted a WFMW idea as well. Stop by and take a peek. :)