Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, July 03, 2006

Financial reality sets in

Whoa Boy,
Hubby was paying his bills last night. Yes, we have gone to his and her bills and bank accounts. I don’t like it, but since all accounts are legally joint and he’s picked up a lot of the bills I was paying when he was earning his education, it seems more of a control issue on my part so I deal with it.

Anyways, back to the bill paying. The student loan payments have begun. The past six months since Hubby has been earning his post-bachelor’s degree paycheck, he’s had more money coming in that ever before. He got used to it. We even upgraded our cable TV service to get a DVR. (Love it!). Hubby’s been slamming money on his credit cards that got us through his school years and still had some to spare. He had grand plans to do some work on our house. No now he’s wondering how we will afford it without using more debt.

I’ve gotten my entire paycheck pretty much tied up. Actually, I may be having too much take out in federal taxes, but I will let it ride until I do next year’s taxes. The bases are covered, but very little wiggle room. But since I have the grocery budget, maybe I can work on that.

And we hope to move. Moving will be expensive. We will most likely increase our house payment. Why move? I want to shorten my 50 mile commute. But if I shorten mine by 20 miles, Hubby will increase his by 15 miles.

Hubby’s not willing to give up the DVR yet, but it’s on his radar screen.

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