Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, July 31, 2006


So I'm doing laundry this weekend. We do our laundry once a week. I am putting in a load of White permanent press - I grew up, in the 80's, Mom was a nurse who wore whites, Dad was the typical business man who wore suits with white shirts everyday and we three kids attended Catholic school where the school uniform included white button shirts and/or blouses. Mom did three loads of nothing but white permanent press a week. So I was doing such a load (I included light colored dress shirts in it. It was mostly my bras - I have enough to wear one a day. Hubby's long sleeved dress shirts was one of the last items I put in. The sleeves usually get tangles in with the straps of 7 bras. I look in the washer where I had trhown most of the bras already. I look at the lingerie bag sitting on the dryer. Hubby prefers I put the bras in the lingerie bag. I'm often too lazy. Humm. The long sleeved dress shirt went in the lingerie bag. It that thinking outside the box... er bag?

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