Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, July 31, 2006

Menu Plan Monday

Blogger is not allowing me to post the pretty graphic. I'll try again later.

I was crusing my favorite blogs and came across a new MEME from Org Junky and decided I would play along. I mentally plan my menus when I grocery shop on Saturday mornings.

Monday (Ground Beef day ) - Cheeseburger sloppy joes (2 lbs ground beef, envelope of dry onion soup mix and a jar of Ragu Cheddar cheese sauce.)

Tuesday (Chicken day) - Ok, I will do something with frozen Chicekn breasts I have in the freezer.

Wednesday - Burgers on the grill.

Thursday - Kielbasa shish kebobs

Friday - We go on vacation. We'll leave between 6 and 6:30. grab coffee out and about 2.5 hours later stop at Bob Evans, the original Bob Evans restaurant in Rio Grande Ohio for breakfast. Hubby stated last night "let's pack a lunch and eat it at a rest stop." This is a big step for him as he is a junk food junkie. I promised the boys I'd buy them Lunchables for this. Why do they think Lunchables are the coolest things? I will buy them as an alternative to the fast food drive-through. But that's it!

At the beach house this year, Mom and Dad rented the house and a gas grill. My Sister-in-law and I decided that we would each make 2 meals. (My younger brother cannot make it this year.) I know one of our will be beer can chicken.


org junkie said...

Hi, thanks so much for participating! It will be fun to see what others are eating through the week!

Beck said...

That sounds like a fun, relaxed week of eating. I'm doing sloppy joes, too!

Becky said...

YAY for upcoming vacation! Makes for less cooking!!!

For your chicken night here's an idea.....take your frozen chicken breasts straight from the freezer and put them in a crock pot. Pour your favorite BBQ sauce over it and cook on low all day......shred with a fork and serve on buns. YUM!