Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Beach reading list

We are leaving Friday for vacation. We are going to a beach on the Carolina Shores. A nice quiet, family oriented beach. Last night the 6 YO and I walked to the Library. I went to different library last week and have gathered a vast array of books to take. It's eclectic. For my fiction, I have teen aged books and I have some non-fiction. Here's my list.
  • Tell Hell with all of that: Loving and Loathing our inner housewife - I am about halfway through all of this. I read a review at The Family CEO and I was intrigued. I am finding it's pretty scattered but it seems to echo my confilcting thoughts on Motherhood and working outside the home.
  • The Organized Student: Teaching Children the Skills for Success in School and Beyond - I am alsways trying to figure out how I can teach my 11 YO how to be organized.
  • The Princess Diaries I checked out the first three of the series. They look like I can know them out in a few hours each.
  • Anne of Green Gables - I am amazed I did not read these as a Child. I read every other series.
  • A Non fiction book about the Women who wrote the Nacy Drew Series. I'll have to look up the title later today.

I'm another person who finished grad school and now I have trouble getting into fiction. I love to read. Aa a child I rode my bike to the library every few days during the summer. While in Grad school I burned out on trashy romance fiction (had to be historical). The last two books I sat and read while the world went by around me were the last two Harry Potter books.

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