Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, August 28, 2006

First weekend with Daytrana

Hi Everyone,
Ok, With 2 working parents and no school, we got to observe our 11 YO son on the Daytrana patch for his ADHD meds. This replace his 72 mg of Concerta in the AM. Since we were haivng some evening issues with sports, the doctor recommended that we adminster another 36 mg dose of Concerta about 1PM. This was difficult due to the parents working and the son enrolled in Daycamp.

It seemed to take about an hour and a half to really take effect. Concerta typically took an hour. The Manufacturer recommends that you apply it 2 hours before the desired effect. It works similarly well to the COncerta. At this point we do not see a need to supplement it with any Concerta like the doctor suggested may be a possibility. We have been having him leaving it on for up to 12 hours (6A-6P) without adverse effects.

I like this method. We no longer have to worry about the adminstration of meds during the school day. He's not bothered by it or the glue. He does have a preference for the direction that we apply the patch. Since it is a rectangle, he likes it to go lenthwise across his Hip.

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