Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, August 18, 2006

Getting Organized

So I have spent untold money at the office supply store. I have all of the stuff to implement an organizes paper flow system with the 11 yo. All the stuff is sitting on the large folding table in the basement. I am undecided when to start. The guidlines say to create a catagory for each subject. I'm just not sure of the subjects he will be having. I suppose it will be safe to go with Math, science, Religion, social studies, but are reading, english and spelling together this year? I went to teh schools webiste to see a listing of what subject each of the three teachers are teaching. There is no such thing right now. You are supposed to assign a color to each subject. I suppose we can do something tentitive, but I want to wait until after his first day. Maybe there is something that makes sense. But I can "organize" the 6 yo. (He asked me "when are you going to Organize me Mom?)

Actually, I should take time to organize the 11 YO's bedroom. He cannot keep it clean. Maybe I'll get some banker's boxes and start packing some books. Then I can move books out of the 11 YO's room into the bookcases. He'll have to keep a more limited supply of books in his rooom because he cannot keep his bookcases looking neat. I am about ready to issue him 2 laundry baskets, one for clean clothing and one for dirty. Before we left on vacation, Hubby saind he was stripping the room of just about everything. It may be time. I am tired of having the "Clean Sweep" it on a semi-monthly basis.


org junkie said...

Hi, don't give up. there is a system for everyone and sometimes it takes many tries to find just the right one. Get your son involved, make it fun and try not to get frustrated (believe me I know its hard!)

zoe said...

I try new ways of organising my boys school work stuff every year, and it enver lasts mroe than a few weeks!
This year is even more important, with them both in secondary school, but different ones, oh JOY!

鐵火卷John said...