Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Works for Me Wednesday -

Check out Shannon's site for more great ideas

My Mother In Law likes to attend the boys' soccer and baseball games when she can. I started out giving her a copy of the schedule so she knew when the games were and if she could make it, great. We'd love to see her. Then I started emailing her the list. She mentioned a few years ago that she enters them into her Outlook Calendar on her work computer. So now I use the MS Outllok calendar for everything. When we get a sports schedule, I enter it into the calendar and send a meeting invite to Hubby, Mom and depending where I am doing the entry to the Home email and my work email. So we all have it. Works for Me.


AnIowaMom said...

Never thought of that! I guess that's why I am going through the WFMW list, eh? :)

Thanks for the idea! I have a WFMW up with an idea on how to preserve your child's school and/or art work.

Overwhelmed! said...

I live by my Outlook calendar! Did you know, you can create an appointment, then forward to another computer as a "iCalendar" (under the Actions portion of the Outlook toolbar). I do this to keep my work and home calendars in synch. :)

Thanks for your comment on my WFMW creating blogging categories post.

Mama Duck said...

Wonderful idea! Our tip is up and we're also hosting the Carnival of the Vanities this week if you haven't visited it already ;).