Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Life is good!

Since it’s been a little cooler here, I was able to take at nice walk on my lunch hour yesterday. I walked down the road that leads to the “Women’s Center”. I found myself eagerly anticipating seeing the man standing outside the center with his Bible and Catholic Catechism.

This Spring I saw him, and at times, another man. I had already been thinking about our Modern society and how John Paul II called it a “Culture of Death”. Hubby’s Grandmother passed away this Spring. I had been praying for peace for her since she has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for several years. My Father in law has been her primary caregiver and I saw how hard it was on him. But I got to thinking about why I was a participant in this “Culture of Death”, why I did not have the absolute love of life that I should. I decided it was because I am not afraid of death. So everytime I passed the center with the men praying, I said a little prayer asking for help in gaining more respect for life.

The man was not there. There was no one saying prayers outside the center. I was disappointed. Then that made me glad. Maybe I am slowing achieving that respect for life that I feel I should have. Thanks to be to God.

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