Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Medicine worries

We leave for tomorrow on vacation. The 11YO ADHDer has enough doses of his medicine for about 5 more day. The boy runs at the mouth and is contantly picking on his brother. He is very impulsive. Yes, we could let him go unmedicated for several day, but I'm worried about him being on the beach and in the water. Will he do something stupid? Did I say he was extremely impulsive?

I called his doctor to see if we could get a prescription for about 14 pills to get us through. Of course, I'm not sure how we will manage to pick i tup. I'm 50 miles away. And we just got an email from my SIL that her AC is out and she was wondering if Hubby had the time to come and look at it. Hubby is also supposed to play golf after work. (Unless it rains)

I guess plan B with the 11 YO is to meter out the pills and give him half doses. Maybe it will be enough to keep him out of too much trouble and being at the beach he can burn off a lot of his excess energy. Prayers would be welcomed.

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