Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

School today

The 6 YO is a morning person just like Mom, He popped out of bed, got on his tailored shorts - he prefers elastic waists, put on his belt and came out carring a shirt "is this a uniform shirt mom?" and it was. (Love Land's End polos, the 11 yo wore these shirts form 1-4th grade. They still look good). He was excited to ride the bus, even when he found out his brother was not going to because..

The 11 YO got a post card informing him that he was to be the captain of the morning safety patrol for the first week of school. He was honored at the end of the year as one of two representatives to go to the safety patrol party for the district (they let the Parochial schools participate). So Hubby was going to drop him off at school early. I did take the opportunity to congratualte him and tell him I was pround, but I could not resist asking hi, that since he was so responsible with safety patrol why coudl he not do a little bit of cleaning up after himself at home? Hubby said he had basically trashed the hosue yesterday. He made stuff to eat and left everything sitting out. He had shoes, socks and clothes all over the living room. Let's not talk about his bedroom that was cleared out this weekend.

I guess dear Hubby tried to get a pciture of the 1st grader getting on the bus, but when he turned it on it wanted the date set and the bus driver seems to be in a hurry AND the boy ducked when he saw the camera. Ah well. I was proud that he tried. He knows I like to scrapbook those things.

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