Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, November 13, 2006

Call Me Freaky -

Hi, My Name is Maggie and I adore Christmas Music.

Today I copied all 11 of my favorite Chirstmas CD's onto my work computer for my listening enjoyment. And yes, I have it playing right now. I probably would have been listening to some Holiday music this weekend, but I left my MP3 playing in my laptop bag at the office. I did find my SD card that has the Chirtmas music on it.

I saw an ad in our paper that the local soft rock station is going to start their non-stop Christmas music this Friday. My Mother in Law will not be happy. They play this station at her office. I think if I did not have the option of turning it off when it got to be too much.

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Shane said...

Our local station doesn't start the 24/7 Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving! I'm jealous.