Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, November 03, 2006

Nice dinner, foot problems, weekend plans

Last night Hubby’s sister came over and cooked us dinner. It was a lovely Chicken Parmesan. She is a chef by trade and walked out of the restaurant when she was the salute cook Saturday night when the Executive Chef threw a pan at her. What a volatile profession for her. She came over to the house and she and the 11 YO searched the pantry for stuff she needed and then took the Kroger gift card and went shopping. She had a good time with her nephew. I think it is important that my kids have a good relationship with their relatives.  But the dinner was delicious. I did not mind cleaning up afterwards.


I’m guessing this will be a quiet weekend for me. Hubby and the 7 YO are going to Chicago to visit the Sears tower and hangout with Hubby’s Dad. I think Hubby is going to work on a door at his house. I finally went to a podiatrist. I have bad feet – very flat, plantar fasciitis and bone spurs. For several years, arch supports in my shoes or orthopedic shoes worked. But now I have an acute case of tendonitis. So I got a shot and a tight, padded bandage.  While the doctor did not give me restrictions, he did say to take it easy, so I guess I will.


I have some projects to work on and I can commandeer the TV in the basement. I have 2 sewing projects I want to work on. My 11 YO can watch the TV upstairs. I expect him to bring home a Missing Assignment slip today since he did not have all of his books to complete his homework, so no Xbox for the weekend.  I should bring home my laptop and figure out why I cannot hook into my wireless router. I ratcheted down the security. Maybe I made it too tight. LOL!


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