Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, November 16, 2006

More Homework Wars

So Monday afternoon was hang out day after school. The youth ministry has a room when the 6th, 7th & 8th grades can go after school, hang out, snack, play, watch TV and maybe get some homework help. Hubby attended a dinner meeting. So I made plans to stop by and drop off my twin nephew’s birthday gifts. The boys all love to play together. So I pick up the 6th grader. He has homework. Oh no. He probably won’t complete it if I left him home – as if he would miss an occasion to play with the cousins. So he rushed (with my encouragement) through his definitions for History.


Mrs. C sends me an email I thought you'd like to know that B is redoing his History homework from yesterday.  Although hieroglyphs is a vocabulary word, he did not need to make his handwriting look like hieroglyphics.  :)


Tuesday he has band practice, he does not work on his homework until Dad get’s home and “motivates” him. He rushed through to get it done in time for band practice. He brings home a Missing Assignment slip saying that his science and History homework needs to be redone.


Wednesday is wrestling practice. He does not work on his homework until Dad gets home. Again. He starts his homework. He goes to practice and is supposed to be working on his homework. There are way too many distractions. He asks me to wake him up early. I woke him at 5:00. I let the house at 5:30 and he was working on his Math. I talked to Hubby. The boy did not complete his Math. He never got to Vocabulary or Science.


So here’s a plan: He really likes logging on to his email account. I am going to set up reminders at about 3:45 to start his homework. On Wednesdays he’ll get pop ups reminding him that it is Wrestling Practice night and he needs to have him homework done.


He has the time. He is not utilizing it efficiently.  I sure could use some thoughts and suggestions.


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