Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, November 06, 2006

Weekend Memories


So with half the family out of town, the 11 YO and I were on our own. We hung out at home Friday night. I made some stir fried shrimp for my dinner. B decided to make Bosco Breadsticks for his. I did manage to get Laundry sorted. Saturday we got up bright and early and hung out at wrestling practice. We got McDonald’s for lunch on the way home. We each got a sandwich and a shake. We shared a package of fries on the way home. Saturday afternoon we went up to the small Mall to have dinner at BW3s they were packed with Football game watchers. So we went to Friendly’s.  It was here he told me “Dad and A. are having their time together and you and I are having our time together.” Awwww. He even shared his ice cream sundae with me.


Sunday we went to Church and then out for a Breakfast Bagel. He came home and worked for several hours on his homework. I was pleased. I ended up cleaning his room. I was NOT pleased. We try to give him helpful hints about where to start. I’m sure cleaning his room is overwhelming for him. So we tell him:


  1. Put your clothes in the clothes hamper (he did that)
  2. Put trash in the trash can (lots of wrappers on the floor)
  3. Put your books in your bookcase. – His lack of ability or maybe desire to do this really bothers me. Neither of my boys is willing to stand their books on end in the bookcase. Why not? I’ve already removed him books once. He’s such an avid reader that he has been searching them out and brining them back up to his room. But why in Heaven’s Name will he not put them in his bookcase?


I guess he knows he collects useless stuff. And It’s Ok for Mom and day to come into his room and throw it all away. They get off his back about cleaning his room. They won’t throw away the good stuff. I’ve read a lot of advice to just close the door. I have 2 issues with that.

  1. I found an empty pop can, empty Gatorade bottle, empty Doritos package… FOOD! I am afraid of bugs in my house.
  2. We have a small house. We have 3 bedrooms. My Parents live out of town and stay with us frequently. When they come in, the boys double up and the Grandparents sleep in B’s Double bed. Hubby and I decided yesterday that we are going to switch the boy’s beds. We’ll put the twin and the trundle in B's room and the Double in A’s room.  That would mean less cleaning for us when the Grandparents come to visit.



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Angie said...

Maggie - on Laura's you asked about storage for 12x12 paper. I use those 8 1/2 x 11 trays that people stack on their desk and I turn them on their end and my 12x12 paper goes in them on a shelf in my closet. HTH!