Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, November 20, 2006

Football weekend

So I live in Ohio. So it was the weekend of the BIG game. And this year it was bigger than ever with the teams ranked #1 and #2.  Hubby and the boys were excited about the game. Then we hear that my High school, the one the boys will most likely go to, won in their march to the state playoffs.

Then the big Ohio-Michigan game… Hubby and the boys had to go to Church Sat evening because of a wrestling meeting Sunday morning. I had to turn off the TV and push them out the door. We then got home we ate our pizza dinner in the living room picnic style to watch the game.  

Then to top it of, University of Cincinnati, close to my heart as my alma mater as well as where I make my living, pulled off a huge upset.

DS7 talks about playing football when he gets older. I just might let him.

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